The Assembly Awaits You

Divine Assembly brings the awe and splendour of Greek Mythology into Web 3.0 world, presenting astounding 3D artworks of those bravest souls elected by the Olympians Gods to join the adventure. The assembly also brings a deeper, dedicated vision to creating something better for our digital future...

A new civilization
inside the metaverse

Divine Assembly already has a home inside the SANDBOX, where it will welcome it’s holders to be a part of a futuristic eco-system, inspired by ancient values, traditions and myths. Each member of the community will find his place of enjoyment with all the activities, estates and events that have been prepared.

The Vision

Our project begins with the incredible art produced by our visionary creatives - 7,890 Electeds that will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain before being proudly showcased in the Divine Assembly universe. Owners from our collection will be looking out to our ever-growing range of real-world and digital applications. The culture of the Divine Assembly assembly shall shine across all spheres !



The Divine Assembly

The Braves

Chosen by Ares, God of War, by Haphaestus, God of Fire and by Artemis, Goddess of the wild, animals and the hunt, the Braves represent those most stalwart, strong and determined of the Elected. It is they to whom the other groups look for protection, provision and a reminder of steely motivation.

The Braves deploys their strength with honour, respects the practices of old and seeks nothing more than unification. They live by the Ancient Greek proverb, “win by persuasion, not by force”, however – should they be tested – will not hesitate to use the power they harbour ...

The Divines

Selected by Poseidon and Zeus themselves, the Divines are the highest representatives in charge of restoring order, justice and culture. In achieving the grandiose mission bestowed upon them, the Divines hold authority over the Epicureans, Intellectuals and Braves.

They rule the sky, seas and weather, laden with the finest attributes of Olympus: the lightning and trident of Zeus, and power of storms wielded by Poseidon. With the impending approach of a cultural clash between civilisations, many hard choices will fall to their hands...

The Epicureans

Hand-picked by Dionysus himself to deliver resounding elements of festivity, ecstasy, madness, drinking and resurrection to the ranks of the Elected – and how well he does it! With salacious inputs by Hera, Goddess of women and childbirth, and by Aphrodite, Goddess of pleasure, passion, fertility, beauty and desire, the Epicureans are beautiful extraverts – as well-spoken as they are open-minded – who bring a most extravagant debauchery to the table of the Elected.

With all the powers of attraction, lust and temptation on their side, they have the surreptitious skills needed to rouse support across the new world. Fawned over by their many suitors, they had best succeed – for if the alternative occurs, it shan’t be wine that paints the world red...

The Intellectuals

Chosen by Apollo, God of light, prophecy and philosophy, truth and inspiration, medicine and healing and more – and by Athena, Goddess of wisdom, handicraft and strategy – the Intellectuals channel their immense wisdom into innovation across the sciences, medicine and art spheres.

Astoundingly clever in all things, and regarding conflict as a conundrum to solve rather than immediate call for bloodshed, the core belief of the Intellectuals is that “knowledge eliminates conflict.” They only hope this decree stands the many challenges to it that shall arise...


Generative Phase (Now)

Divine Assembly developers and artists are preparing everything for the sale of our 3D art collection to run smoothly. Minting will be available on our website pretty soon, you will be able to try your luck with the public sale or have a spot secured with a Whitelist. Security is a top priority for us and we have experts working on the protection of our infrastructures to keep everything safe.

A few days after the sale the reveal will happen and you will discover the character, group, and attributes you successfully minted. Owning an Elected (NFT) is the only way to have access to the IRL and digital utilities Divine Assembly is creating.

Foundations of a new civilization (1 week after sale)

Divine Assembly aims to create a community of pioneers that want to shape the future of the metaverse together. For that, some incentives through play-to-earn, hold-to-earn, and create- to-earn will be implemented. The ecosystem that will rule our civilization will be revealed 1 week after the sale. It will set the foundations of our civilization that is composed of 4 main pillars :

  • Governance: the community will be ruled in a democratic way with a structured DAO that will give token and NFT holders decision making power on funds allocation and more.
  • Land & 3D-Avatars: Owning an NFT from our collection will allow you to claim a 3D animated version of it that will have interoperability in between metaverses and also gain access to community-owned lands.
  • Economy: a $Token will be created to give utility to the eco-system, token distribution system for NFT holders will be announced on the same day.
  • Collaboration: We are stronger together! That is why we are already in talks with other big projects to profit from their experience in this space to get a headstart!

The spark that will ignite the fire

Game designers, digital architects, and artists are already working on creating an unbelievable and immersive digital experience mixing ancient mythology and modern metaverse features.

With your beautifully designed 3D-avatar, you will be able to visit our museum, fight in our magnificent Arena and even compete in Olympic games inside the metaverse where you will win exclusive IRL and Digital rewards.

The eco-system that will be revealed will be totally linked to our civilization’s home in the metaverse and you will be able to vote in the DAO to decide what you want to see built, but also earn tokens as a holder that will have real utility in our universe.


The Divine Assembly was created by a team of digital native: Artists, Entrepreneurs, Blockchain experts, Marketing wizards, and many more...


Other members



Those who aspire to become one of the Divine Assembly’s 7,890 Elected may do so by claiming their place within 1 of 4 groups that make up the chosen few. Here’s everything you need to know.

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  • Generalities

  • Are the Artworks/ NFTs unique?

    Our 4K quality and 3D designed NFTs are created by random generation of 250+ attributes resulting in a unique piece each time.

  • How Many NFTs will be available to mint?

    The Olympian Gods decided to Elect only 7,890 humans so only 7,890 NFTs available…

  • On what Blockchain is the project based?

    The “Electeds” will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

  • How amazing can it be to join the Assembly?

    If you believe in the future of the Metaverse, that you enjoy good art and wish to be a part of a project that will shape the future of the NFT space, you are in the right place and you should join Divine Assembly.

  • How can I use my NFT from the collection?

    Always : just enjoy it and take some time to check how detailed and beautiful it is ! Sometimes : use it to participate in exclusive activities we will curate inside the Metaverse or in IRL events we will create

  • What will be the drop price & date?

    The drop date is set as Sunday 30th of January and the mint price will be 1.9eth for whitelist & public sale.

  • How do I Buy an NFT from the Divine Assembly Collection?

    You can get your NFT by trying your luck during the public sale that will happen soon or by making sure you join the whitelist, you will be able to find all the links to buy in our discord.

  • Why should I join the whitelist?

    Getting in the whitelist will allow you to be sure to mint up to 2 NFTs from the collection before the public sale happens.

  • How do I get in the Whitelist?

    You should join our Discord and follow the Whitelist guide to make sure you get in the Whitelist. Don’t waist time Gods are in a hurry!

  • Can I buy after the public sale?

    Yes the Divine Assembly Collection will be available on OpenSea.

  • What is an NFT?

    An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token, a wholly unique asset that is represented on the blockchain and totally irreplaceable. But in this case we will more refer to it as a piece of art!

  • What is a DAO?

    A decentralized autonomous organisation is an organizational structure that allows power to be decentralized by distributing voting capacity. That is what we are doing at Divine Assembly by making 1 NFT equal to 1 vote.

  • What is the Metaverse?

    The Metaverse refers to an immersive and shared virtual experience. It’s inside the Metaverse that we plan to build something amazing that will revolutionise the way we see Mythology…

  • What is Web 3.0?

    Web 3.0 is a virtual, Blockchain-hosted world in which almost anything is possible. It is an incredible blank online canvas where innovators can build entire narratives pretty much like the Divine Assembly is doing!